New GRI Cares Program Ramps Up via Donations

June 8, 2021

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) recently donated ICU beds at two hospitals in its native Sri Lanka as part of the company's new GRI Cares program.

The beds were donated "to the Gampaha and Kosgama hospitals," according to GRI officials.

"Though they are prominent hospitals in the country, they had not received such medical equipment previously. With the surge of the third wave of the pandemic this year, GRI understood that the entire medical system was stressed and that government hospitals needed support."

In addition, GRI recently donated food rations to more than 350 families in Colombo, Sri Lanka, who have been "severely affected" by current COVID-19 lockdowns.

Also as part of its COVID-19 relief efforts, GRI has gone directly to natural rubber farmers in Sri Lanka to collect their harvest, "thereby ensuring that the rubber farmers' livelihoods continue. GRI will continue to support the rubber farming community during challenging times."

GRI officials add that with the GRI Cares program being "formalized, the company will continue to engage in various projects to assist the people of Sri Lanka."

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