BKT Adds Size for Ridemax FL 699

May 12, 2021
Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) is expanding the Ridemax FL 699 tire with another size: 525/65 R 20.5.The Ridemax FL 699 is already available in size 24 R 20.5.BKT says the Ridemax line is designed for tractors and trailers in agricultural and industrial applications, specificallyin transportation. It's designed with stability for operation at high speeds, plus it supports heavy loads to reduce transport cycles, and also reduces rolling resistance, thus saving fuel.Ridemax FL 699 opens the flotation range for agricultural trailers and tank trucks and its reinforced bead provides stability even at high speeds, plus a comfortable ride.The Ridemax range includes these tires for trailers: Ridemax FL 699, Ridemax FL 693 M, Ridemax FL 690 and Ridemax FL 690 IND. The line offers these products for tractors: Ridemax IT 696 and Ridemax IT 697 (M+S).