Maxam Expands Underground Mining Options

Feb. 20, 2023

Maxam Tire North America Inc. has updated its underground mining tire lineup designed for articulated dump trucks and load haul dump loaders to withstand the harsh surfaces, but also the heat requirements for these demanding conditions.

The tires are built to be durable, while also offering stability and traction.

The E4/L4 MS405 and MS406 for articulated dump trucks now have 60% higher load capacity. The MS405 is one of Maxam’s flagship OTR options. It features a high traction pattern with increased wearable tread and heavy-duty casing, and the tire has undergone extensive research and testing to exceed the expectations of end users.

The MS406 has a deep lug pattern to provide traction along with resistance to wear and cutting, while also maximizing performance at a low cost-per-hour.

Load haul dump loaders need puncture and cut resistance, and the improved L5/L5S MS501 and MS502 yield 15% higher load capacity.  The bead, shoulder and sidewall are all reinforced to complete severe underground mining jobs. And both tires are made of a specialized mining compound for extra cut and impact resistance.

“With the underground mining market facing increasing demands, the expansion of our four-star E4/L4 and 3-star L5/L5S lineups mark Maxam’s pledge to design only the most capable solutions for the industry. While every underground site has unique needs, we’re confident that the increased load capacity our series now have will perform beyond expectation. In addition to our comprehensive series for open pit mining and haul trucks, from size 49 to 63 inches, the enhanced lineups for underground mining symbolize Maxam’s commitment to play an integral part in the mining industry’s operation and future,” says Matt Johnson, vice president of the Maxam Mining Group.