GRI Adds Sizes to Ag Tires

Feb. 7, 2023

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) has added four new sizes to its GREEN EX RT100 tractor tire and one new size to the GREEN EX FL800 flotation bias tire.

The GREEN EX RT 100 will now be available in size 30.5L-32 size with 18 and 20 ply rating. The tire is made for on and off-road use and has a self-cleaning terracing in the space between the lugs. A tie bar provides “lug stability on hard surfaces and its dual-angle design provides comfort and low soil damage.” 

The GREEN EX FL 800 features “one of the widest tread footprints in the industry” and is now available in the 700/40-22.5 size, according to GRI officials.  This new size has been included in the portfolio, and the tire’s tread design, coupled together with a multi-lug angle, delivers traction on the field and flotation properties. The product's high center block-to-lug ratio and wide lug width offer low soil damage, according to GRI officials.    

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