Magna Brings 11 New Truck Tires to North America

Feb. 6, 2023

Magna Tyres has introduced 11 new medium truck tires - including the Magna LH11 all-position tire, the Magna LH10 steer axle tire and the Magna LH31 trailer tire - to the North American market.

Available in size 255/70R22.5, the Magna LH11 "incorporates an optimized groove pattern design that effectively enhances ... grip in wet roadways," according to Magna officials. Other features include a significantly strengthened crown design for enhanced puncture resistance and a deep tread pattern for improved service life and stability.

The Magna LH10 steer axle tire features decoupling grooves and a five-rib design "with an extra-strong compound" and has been engineered for long-haul operations. The tire is available in size 295/75R22.5.

The Magna LH31 trailer tire sports "an extra-strong compound that guarantees outstanding abrasion resistance, along with high-speed drive performance." The tire is available in size 445/50R22.5.

Other new truck tires from Magna include the Magna LH30, a trailer tire available in sizes 11R22.5 and 295/75R22.5; the Magna RG11 steer axle tire, available in size 295/60R22.5; the Magna RG10 all-position tire, which has been engineered for "mid- and long-range highway applications" and comes in sizes 295/80R22.5 and 315/80R22.5; the Magna RG20, a drive axle tire that comes in size 315/80R22.5; the Magna RG30, "a high-performing regional trailer axle tire" that comes in size 285/70R19.5; the Magna RG31, another trailer/steer axle tire, available in size 385/65R2.5; the Magna CO10, an all-position product that offers "versatile on-off-road mixed service capabilities;" and the Magna CO30 steer/trailer tire, which comes in sizes 385/65R22.5 and 425/65R22.5.

All of the above tires meet SmartWay standards, according to Magna officials.

"As part of Magna's growth development strategy in North America, we are committed to increasing our truck tire product portfolio with a series of outstanding truck tire patterns that have been produced specifically for the North American tire market," says Robert Gruijters, head of marketing for Magna Tyres Group.