Continental Upgrades ContiConnect

March 20, 2023

Continental AG has upgraded the ContiConnect 2.0 tire management solution with an Advanced option so users can now report tread depth and tire condition, allowing the system to present a complete tire history in one spot.

The standard version of ContiConnect already allows for comprehensive tire monitoring, “and the advanced package now lets customers capitalize on all the benefits of tire management,” says Dushyanth Rajagopal, product manager digital solutions at Continental.

With ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced, every tire can be tracked individually, no matter if it's fitted on a vehicle or in a warehouse. Every tire is accessible on the system, so customers can track where any tire is, what vehicle it's fitted on and in which position.

Pressure, temperature, tread depth and tire condition can all be recorded and monitored, and the newest second-generation ContiConnect sensor additionally relays information on distance traveled, so fleets can track mileage. The charge level of the sensor battery is also noted.

"ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced users also receive alerts and recommendations for tire pressure, temperature and tread depth as well as when vehicle inspections are due," Continental says.

“This paves the way for an even more efficient, straightforward, sustainable and forward-looking form of fleet management,” says Rajagopal.

With the new On-Site App, ContiConnect 2.0 is accessible on a user's smartphone. The sensor's Bluetooth capabilities allow it to transfer data to the app, meaning tire inspection readings can also be done at the vehicle.

“ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced offers haulage companies the advantage of greater fleet efficiency through reduced costs and time savings, as maintenance and workshop appointments can be planned in advance,” says Rajagopal.

In addition to reducing vehicle downtime, Continental says improving tire maintenance results in fuel savings and lowers CO2 emissions.