GRI Adds Sizes to Ag, OTR Tires

March 28, 2023

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) has added new sizes to its expanding ag and OTR tire portfolio.

The new Green XLR Earth 70 is available in size480/70R24 and is made "with 37.5% sustainable material, providing an eco-friendly solution for farmers and construction workers," according to GRI officials.

The tire features "high-dispersible silica" in its tread compound for longer life and lower rolling resistance, plus a wide footprint and rounded lugs to minimize soil damage and compaction, "making it ideal for heavy-duty applications."

The company's Green XLR 85  is now available in five sizes; 520/85R42, 520/85R46, 480/80R46, 480/80R50 and 480/80R50. The Green XLR 85 sports "an optimum, 45-degree load angle" for enhanced on- and off-road traction, as well as a new tie bar design to prevent center lug cracks.

GRI's Green XLR 70 is now available in size 480/70R34. It sports a flexible sidewall for additional ride comfort and minimal soil compaction, among other features.

The CPT+ Skid Steer construction range has a new size, 31x15.5-15, which makes it "more versatile," according to GRI officials. 

"Its three-step lug design provides higher lug stability, strength and traction, while (its) self-cleaning terrace keeps the tire clean and the machine energy-efficient in all working conditions. The reinforced sidewall with high-ply construction also improves side impact protection."

Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI, says the company is "committed to providing eco-friendly tire solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers. These new tire sizes are a testament to our continued dedication to innovation and excellence."

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