Michelin Debuts X One Pre-Mold Retread Line

Oct. 2, 2023

Michelin North America Inc. has debuted its Michelin X One Line of Pre-Mold retread tires with the Michelin X One Line Energy D2 Pre-Mold tire and the Michelin X One XDS2 Pre-Mold tire.

This line of tire marks the “lowest rolling resistance, heavy truck drive retread to date,” according to Michelin officials.

The Michelin X One Line Energy D2 Pre-Mold was created for long-haul transportation, it is designed to deliver fuel savings to lower the total cost of ownership, while providing traction for drivers.

“The Michelin X One Line Energy D2 Pre-Mold's new ultra-low rolling resistance levels are designed to exceed SmartWay and (the California Air Resources Board) CARB requirements,” says Pierluigi Cumo, B2B vice president of marketing for Michelin.

“Its compact tread design, with less flexibility in the tire tread between the tread surface and tire carcass, provides better energy conservation for greater fuel efficiency.”

Cumo continues by saying "the Regenion evolving tread design ... provides stability in all weather conditions."

For the winter season, Michelin is rolling out the Michelin X One XDS2 Pre-Mold tire. The tire capitalizes on weight savings of the new generation, wide-based tire by adding a traction retread offer.

“The Michelin X One XDS2 Pre-Mold offers the same legendary snow traction as the Michelin XDS2+ Pre-Mold tire, with its potential weight savings, offering 365 pounds more payload than dual tires,” says Cumo.

“This tire is designed to take on the harshest winters and gets drivers and their cargo to their destination safely.” 

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