New Continental, General Truck Tires Now Available

Nov. 8, 2023

Continental Tire the Americas LLC has unveiled new, 19.5-inch drive and steer tires developed for Class 4 and 5 vehicles, plus a new General brand medium truck tire.

The new Continental brand Conti HSR 5 and Conti HDR 5 tires were developed in Fort Mill, S.C., and are produced at Continental's Mount Vernon, Ill., plant.

"Designed specifically for Class 4 and 5 vehicles, these tires should fit a variety of vehicles and meet the needs of different vocations," say Continental officials.

"Most commonly, the Class 4 and 5 vehicle market is made up of ambulances, large recreational trucks, (utility vehicles) and last-mile delivery vehicles. Both tires are for regional applications and deliver improved rolling resistance and durability."

They have earned 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and have been selected by Ford Motor Co. in the 19.5-inch size as OE fitments for its new 2024 Ford F450 and F550.

The Conti HSR 5 is a regional, all-position tire "that has full width siping for improved traction and handling during the life of the tire. The Conti HDR 5 is a regional drive tire with a new open shoulder tread pattern.

"It also features 3D-matrix siping for improved traction and wear over the life of the tire."

The tire is available in tire size 225/70R19.5, Load Range G, at a 16/32-inch tread depth.

Continental is making matching retreads available for both products, which come equipped from the factory with Continental's Gen2 sensors.

These sensors connect with ContiConnect, the company's digital tire monitoring system that "allows fleets to monitor the health of their tires from the road, anytime, anywhere or every night upon returning to the fleet's yard," according to Continental officials.

"With intelligent tire capabilities, fleet owners can monitor the life of their tires each time the fleet returns to the yard with ContiConnect Yard or from the road with ContiConnect Live,” says Shaun Uys, head of U.S. market truck tire replacement, Continental.

In addition to the Conti HSR 5 and Conti HDR 5, Continental has added two new 19.5-inch products to its General brand commercial truck tire lineup.

The General RA 2 is a regional all-position tire for regional/urban applications, while the General RD 2 is a regional drive tire, also used in regional/urban applications.

"Both tires were designed with durability and improved mileage in mind and are used for pick-up and delivery and on/off-highway use. The General RA 2 features a closed shoulder trad pattern that provides even wear and reduced noise. The General RD 2 has an aggressive tread design to deliver traction in any weather condition."