Tirecraft Ontario Has New Service Call Platform

Feb. 27, 2024

Tirecraft Ontario is moving customers from traditional emergency roadside service phone calls to the company’s ERS AI platform. 

“Traditionally, fleet customers have relied on traditional phone calls to address unexpected downtime,” say Tirecraft officials. 

“However, recognizing the inefficiencies and delays inherent in this approach, Tirecraft Ontario has launched a revolutionary AI solution, which was developed by Atrium Solutions Inc. 

“Powered by advanced machine learning, the platform streamlines the dispatch process, connecting fleet dispatch and drivers with the nearest service provider in a matter of seconds. This swift and efficient approach minimizes downtime and ensures prompt resolution of vehicle issues, enhancing fleet productivity and minimizing disruptions.  

“Paying customers to stop making phone calls to call centers just makes good sense,” says Christine McClay, president of Tirecraft Ontario. “We can offer faster, more efficient service and dramatically reduce our operating expense" on roadside service calls.