Toyo Announces New Compound Upgrade for Truck Tires

March 14, 2024

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. has announced a new compound upgrade for increased mileage to three existing long-haul and regional truck tires.  

The Toyo M171+, M671A+ and the M677+ are included in the upgrade.  

The improved compound maximizes removal miles while maintaining lower rolling resistance and traction.  

The Toyo M171+ super regional steer tire complements the Toyo M671A+ regional drive tire. Both tires are designed to provide long, even wear and are made with Toyo’s Nano Balance Technology. The technology reduces strain at the bead area and belt edge to deliver a longer life.  

The Toyo M677+ long-haul drive tire is a four-groove tire for long to regional-haul operations that meets the SmartWay requirements.  

“Toyo Tires' goal is to provide commercial products that deliver performance, durability and a better cost-per-mile, which adds to the customer’s bottom line,” says David Demo, product manager, of commercial truck tires at Toyo Tire.  

“The improved longevity with these products demonstrates Toyo’s dedication to the customer.”  

The compound improvements will be applied to 14 total sizes, which include the 22.5-inch sizes for M171+ and M671A+ and both the 22.5-inch and 24.5-inch sizes for M677+. 

The M171+, M671A+, and M677+ truck tires will become available on April 1.