CMA/Double Coin Launches Two ST Radial Tires

April 18, 2024

CMA LLC/Double Coin has introduced two new all-steel ST radial tires to the Double Coin lineup. 

Additions include the high-demand sizes of ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16, designed explicitly for high-speed trailer use. 

“These additions fill a need our customers have asked about for some time,” says Aaron Murphy, senior vice president at Double Coin. 

“We’re excited that the time has arrived to add these quality trailer tires to our Double Coin stable of products.” 

Features of the new tire include a large steel casing for a heavier carrying capacity, optimized tread depth for reduced heat build-up and wide shoulders for stability. 

The tires are designed for RV trailers, 5th-wheel trailers, horse trailers, utility trailers and boat trailers.