Titan Upgrades TGS2 Tire Line

April 24, 2024

Titan International Inc. has announced the release of a two-star rating on its two sizes in the TGS2 tire line - the 17.5R25 and 14.00R24.  

The upgraded rating allows for additional load capacity without moving to a larger tire size. 

The tires feature an all-season tread pattern and bold design for year-round use.  

The upgrade stems from dealer feedback and customer demand. Dealers noticed recurring tire issues caused by overloaded graders and loaders but didn’t have a stronger-rated tire in the same size to offer instead, according to Titan officials.  

“We are thrilled with the positive response from our customers on these two-star TGS2 tires,” says Scott Jansen, sales manager at Graham Tire.  

“Titan’s commitment to serving industry needs and its support in addressing our feedback has been exceptional. It’s one of many ways Titan helps us support our customers.”  

The two-star TGS2 tires are suitable for use on loaders and graders and are dual-rated tires.  

Features of the tires include a shallow tread depth to reduce heat build-up; steel belt layers to enhance cut resistance and reduce tire wear; and more.  

Additional sizes of the TGS2 line are expected to be released with a two-star rating later this year.