TRIB Launches Redesigned Website

May 1, 2024

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) has launched its redesigned website, showcasing a modern interface and new features.  

One of the highlights of the new website is the introduction of the all-new Retread Environmental Savings Calculator. The new tool empowers users to quantify the environmental benefits of using retreaded tires compared to new tires.  

The website also features a career opportunities page to facilitate connections between industry professionals and employment opportunities. TRIB members can use this tool to attract talent and expand their workforce. This is a free service for all TRIB members. 

"The launch of our redesigned website marks a significant milestone for TRIB during our 50th year anniversary and underscores our ongoing commitment to advancing the tire retread and repair industry," says David Stevens, managing director of TRIB.  

"We are excited to introduce the Retread Environmental Savings Calculator and the career opportunities page. With these enhancements, we aim to further elevate the visibility and impact of tire retreading on a global scale, help our members find employees, empower fleets to make informed decisions, and drive sustainability initiatives forward." 

The revamped TRIB website also offers other resources including educational material and videos on retreading, recommended practices from TRMG, government studies on retreading and an online store providing a comprehensive platform for industry professionals.