New Michelin Pre-Mold Retread Available

May 30, 2024

Michelin North America Inc.'s new Michelin X Works D pre-mold retread is now available in the United States and Canada.  

A complement to the Michelin X Works D new tire, the retread offers traction in new and worn conditions, stone ejectors and unique siping to minimize stone retention and improve wear mileage.  

“The Michelin X Works D retread is designed specifically for the construction, energy, concrete and logging industries,” says Pierluigi Cumo, vice president of B2B marketing for Michelin North America.  

“These vehicles operate in aggressive and mixed-use environments, driving off the pavement at least 10% of the time on a daily basis and subjecting tires to any number of harsh conditions.”  

The new pre-mold retread offers stability and traction with its tread design and provides control on multiple surfaces, according to Michelin officials.

“The innovative Michelin X Works D pre-mold retread delivers outstanding traction, durability and wear resistance for on and off-road fleets, reflecting our dedication to sustainability now and into the future,” continues Cumo. 

The new product is now available in the U.S. and Canada in six sizes: 210 mm, 220 mm, 230 mm, 240 mm, 250 mm and 270 mm – all with a tread depth of 30/32 inches.