Continental, Samsara Partner to Create Fleet Management Solution

June 28, 2024

Continental Tire the Americas LLC has announced its partnership with Samsara, a telematics provider, to create a data-driven fleet management solution.  

The fleet management solution will focus on truck trailers and both companies will exchange data points to provide customers with a broad spectrum of trailer data.  

The solution will improve fleet safety, streamline productivity and maintenance intervals, optimize trailer allocation and planning and gain comprehensive visibility into trailer assets.  

“Our collaboration with Samsara will deliver comprehensive and user-centric solutions, enriching the overall experience of fleet customers,” says Clarisa Doval, head of digital solutions at Continental Tires.  

“We envision this as the first of many projects to provide even more holistic and actionable insights to fleet operators. After all, tires have a significant impact on the sustainability of a fleet and on its cost. On average, they are an influencing factor for half of a fleet’s cost.” 

The two companies will showcase their work for the first time at Samsara Beyond, an event for operational professionals, in Chicago, Ill., from June 26 to 28.