Fuel System Services should be Top of Mind – Here’s Why

May 1, 2022

With today’s record high gas prices, consumers are thinking about their vehicle’s gas mileage more than ever before. As fuel prices continue to remain high across the country, the public is feeling the pain with every trip to the pump. This need for relief is an ideal reason fuel system cleaning services should be top of mind for operators looking to add profit to the bottom line. In this current environment, any service that can help improve engine performance and gas mileage may be enticing to a customer. 

Many within the industry know the value of preventative maintenance and the importance of keeping a vehicle’s fuel system clean and in top operating condition. But for the customer, adding a fuel system service to their RO may seem like just another up sell.

Brad Stuck, Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) Brand Manager says there is opportunity to educate customers on fuel system maintenance. “Many consumers don’t truly understand engine technology,” says Stuck. “They may not understand how an engine works or they don’t understand the difference between a direct or port injection. They get in their car and drive from A to B and know they need to get their oil changed every five, eight, ten thousand miles, whatever their vehicle calls for.” 

With the emergence of GDI technology and the propensity for carbon buildup within many of today’s small displacement, high output engines, maintaining the fuel system is as important as ever. 

“For may operators, it can be daunting to incorporate a new service and they want to make sure that the return on the investment is there, which is why we want to help make is as easy as possible by offering professional-grade fuel system products at a competitive price and helping operators reduce the number of products to stock for fuel services” says Stuck.

In 2019, Valvoline introduced a revolutionary fuel system cleaning product called All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner. This patented formulation was developed specifically to fight carbon buildup in both modern GDI and traditional port injected engines, eliminating the need to stock multiple products.

“Implementing Valvoline fuel system services requires very little investment but can have a massive potential for profit. With the average retail price of induction fuel system cleaning ranging from $110-$160, there's room for operators to obtain some serious margin.” 

Plus, with advancements in technologies, performing fuel services is easier than it’s ever been. “The days of needing to take apart the engine and perform a walnut blast are over and giving a vehicle a full fuel system cleaning like our relatively-low touch” says Stuck. On average, performing a fuel system service only takes about 30 minutes with Valvoline’s All Engine Clean and allows technicians the ability to perform other jobs while the service is being conducted. 

While the attention now may be on fuel efficiency, Stuck says the benefits are not just limited to the here and now. 

“By 2029, roughly 90% of light duty vehicles will have gasoline direct injection engines, which are ripe for needing fuel system services due to carbon buildup,” says Stuck. “That means there is an ever-increasing market of drivers who will benefit from fuel services not only now, but for years to come.”

And with Valvoline recommending intervals for fuel system maintenance being every 15,000 miles, this is a service that a customer can be buying many times throughout the lifetime of their vehicle, helping to ensure repeat business.

“By talking a customer through the service and describing what actions they can take to improve performance, you’re able to build trust and create a lasting impression” says Stuck. “And for the operator Valvoline makes educating the customers easy with a resource library of educational materials like selling aids, animations, posters, and info sheets that can be used in shops.”

In addition to All Engine Clean, Valvoline Professional Series has a full line of automotive chemicals and performance fluids for all major vehicle systems. Visit partner.valvoline.com or click here to learn more about the Valvoline Professional Series.