Kumho Releases All Season Tire to North American Market

Feb. 27, 2023

The new Solus TA51a from Kumho Tire USA is designed to offer drivers of sedans, crossovers and SUVs alike a quiet, comfortable ride.

The tire, created specifically for the North American market, has ribs in the tire's main channel grooves to dissipate road noise and four wide channel groves to drain water and reduce hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

The tire's compounding features multi-function polymers and high dispersion silica for better treadwear and to improve grip in the winter. The tire's interlocking sipes and chamfered block edges improve the rigidity of the tread block and also increase the tire's contact with the road for better braking and cornering.

The Solus TA51a replaces three other tires: the Solus TA71, TA31 and TA11.It will be available in 82 sizes, fitting 13- to 19-inch wheels. It will have a 65,000-mile warranty on H-rated and higher options, a 75,000-mile warranty on T-rated sizes and road hazard protection and a 30-day satisfaction trial.

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