WTD Opens New D/C, Expands Arroyo Line

July 6, 2023

Wholesale Tire Distributors (WTD) has relocated its headquarters to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, Calif., and is rolling out new products.

"This exciting move marks a significant milestone in WTD's journey to further enhance its position as a leading tire distributor in the United States," say WTD officials.

The company's new facility spans 300,000 square feet and "symbolizes WTD's commitment to growth and innovation in the tire industry.

"Ara Tchaghlassian, the visionary behind WTD, has ambitious plans for the future. In line with this relocation, Ara aims to stock an astounding 700,000-plus nationwide, ensuring an unmatched variety and availability from private label brands, such as Arroyo Tires and American Roadstar Tires," both of which WTD owns and markets.

"WTD's tire inventory will also encompass an extensive range of popular brands, offering unparalleled choice and inventory. Moreover, WTD is rapidly expanding its presence in different states across the U.S., including Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

"By strategically establishing new locations, WTD aims to strengthen its nationwide network, catering to the needs of customers in various regions."

New products

As part of its strategy, WTD us growing its Arroyo and American Roadstar lines.

The Arroyo line is expanding to cover more than 300 SKUs, "ensuring customers have a wide selection to choose from."

New products hitting the market this year include the Arroyo Runflat tire and an electric vehicle (EV)-focused product.

"Arroyo’s Runflat is designed to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind," ensuring that drivers can "continue their journey even after experiencing a puncture or loss of (air) pressure."

Arroyo's EV offering delivers "outstanding performance and durability in today's demanding EV landscape," say WTD officials. "This product boasts several enhancements, including higher load ratings, advanced compounds and noise-reduction technology known as Arroyo's SBIL (Sound Barrier Inner Lining).

"These features contribute to the tire's exceptional performance and extended lifespan, meeting the unique requirements of electric vehicles."

WTD also has added 19-, 20-, 21- and 22-inch sizes to its Arroyo passenger tire line. 

The company reports it has made "impactful strides in sales, catering to the heavy-duty commercial vehicle segment."

WTD's expansion of its Arroyo TBR line "ensures that WTD customers have access to a wide range of sizes, catering to various vehicle types and preferences."

WTD officials believe that the Arroyo and American Roadstar brands "are set to gain additional market share through the introduction of new tire lines and increased production. It is projected that by the end of 2023, the combined sales of these brands will reach $200 million worldwide."