MTD’s Tire Dealer Survival Guide Is Here

May 17, 2024

Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for excerpts from MTD’s 2024 Tire Dealer Survival Guide.

In this year’s edition of the Tire Dealer Survival Guide, also available here, retail tire store management expert Dennis McCarron, a partner at Cardinal Brokers Inc., discusses some of the finer points of employee relations, including what do on those occasions when, for the overall good of your business, you feel the need to have challenging conversations with the people who work for you.

What’s the long-term forecast for your dealership? Thinking of selling your business at some point? Tire dealership mergers and acquisitions expert Michael McGregor, a partner at Focus Investment Banking LLC, discusses how to prepare your business for an eventual divestiture and how to keep your deal alive once engaged in the sale process.

Randy O’Connor, owner of D2D Development Group (Dealer to Dealer Development Group) discusses how to define the value your business delivers across several key metrics, including the fulfillment of customers’ expectations.

And Mike Townsend, retail tire sales coach and owner of Townsend Strategies, a tire dealership consultancy, shares tried-and-true techniques for connecting with customers in simple, yet effective, ways to create a meaningful, memorable experience.