Michael McGregor

Michael McGregor is a partner at Focus Investment Banking LLC (focusbankers.com/tire-and-service) and advises and assists multi-location tire dealers on mergers and acquisitions in the automotive aftermarket. For more information, contact him at [email protected].

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'Investment bankers and leveraged buyout investors in the 1980s adopted EBITDA as a tool for figuring out whether a company had the profitability needed to service the debt that would be taken on to buy the company,' says McGregor.

What's the Best Measurement: EBITDA or Free Cash Flow?

Nov. 1, 2023
EBITDA has become a ubiquitous tool in analyzing businesses. It’s what us investment bankers use when presenting our client’s businesses for sale.
'Smaller retailers often provide a stable environment that delivers more attentive customer service,' says McGregor.

For Tire Dealers, Bigger Is Not Always Better

Oct. 16, 2023
Large retailers definitely possess some strengths that smaller tire dealers lack, such as access to capital, stronger bargaining power and widespread brand recognition. But other...
While your business may be your primary source of income, the property your dealership sits on will become a valuable asset in its own right.
Commercial Business

Building Wealth Over Time: A Roadmap For Commercial Dealers

Sept. 22, 2023
There are some smart strategies that can help you build wealth over time, thereby ensuring your financial stability.
Eastern Tire & Auto Service Inc.
Eastern Tire & Auto Service Inc. in Rockland, Maine, joined the ranks of employee-owned tire dealerships earlier this year. Alvin Chase Jr. called the transfer of stewardship “a natural progression. Because of this transaction, we know the company will prosper and thrive for future generations, while continuing its culture of commitment.”

ESOPs Are an Exit Alternative

Aug. 14, 2023
It’s estimated that 70% of private businesses in the U.S. never have a successful exit. While overall M&A activity among tire retailers, wholesalers and commercial tire dealerships...
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Michael McGregor says there's a case to be made for Goodyear to keep its network of company-owned retail stores.

The Case for Not Selling Goodyear’s Stores

June 5, 2023
Michael McGregor believes senior management at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. should do everything it can to keep the firm's network of company-owned retail stores.
Photo: CTDA
Unlike some other state and regional tire dealer associations, the California Tire Dealers Association (CTDA) continues to thrive. Here, CTDA President Chris Barry addresses attendees of the group’s annual luncheon.

Why Membership Is Declining at Regional Tire Dealer Associations

May 3, 2023
Michael McGregor made a startling realization - recent years have not been kind to regional tire dealer associations.