Craig Van Batenburg

Craig Van Batenburg is MTD's monthly EV Intelligence columnist and the owner of Van Batenburg's Garage Inc. dba Automotive Career Development Center, which provides training for facilities that service - or want to service - electric and hybrid vehicles. For more information, see or email Craig at [email protected].

Automotive Career Development Center
'The only change you will embrace is the one that presents itself as something good for you or those you love,' says Van Batenburg (pictured, right.)

Are You and Your Employees Resisting the EV Movement?

Nov. 9, 2023
If you are resisting the EV movement, there are plenty of internal combustion engine-powered vehicles to work on, so you will be fine for a long time — but not forever.
New EV owners, especially those who have bought used EVs, may experience range anxiety, have no owner’s manual, may complain of real or imagined problems, might need to replace their tires more frequently than before and have other concerns.

Customer Service Tips From Mother Teresa

Oct. 30, 2023
Some customers — even electric vehicle (EV) owners — can be unreasonable. They may expect you to be an EV expert on day one. Other customers are a pleasure to deal with, while...
Photo: Automotive Career Development Center
'If you employ a younger person, talk about higher education,' says Van Batenburg. 'Offer them an incentive.'

When Techs Learn More, You Earn More

Oct. 9, 2023
Your new hires need to know more than tires and alignments. They need a solid background in automotive theory. But theory is about the least likely subject a young technician ...
'It only takes a few minutes to get in touch with your representatives in local, state and federal governments,' says Van Batenburg.

How the Government Can Help You Move to EVs

Aug. 21, 2023
When big business is regulated — for any reason — taxpayers chip in and help out. Employee retraining is often on the list. Unfortunately, sometimes employees do not want training...
Photo Credit: Michelin North America Inc.
When servicing electric vehicles, 'marketing must be considered,' says Craig Van Batenburg. 'You community needs to know what you are doing.'

The Cost of Entry Into the EV Market

March 13, 2023
I get asked this question almost every week. “What will it cost me to enter the high-voltage world of electric cars and light trucks?”
Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co.
In cold weather, all types of vehicles use more fuel, but EVs have a harder time than others.
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How to Speak the EV Language

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An important part of taking care of electric vehicle owners is knowing and understanding the terms associated with battery range. And that starts with understanding how the U....