Mitas farm tire recognized for innovation

Feb. 9, 2012

Farm equipment manufacturer CLAAS Group recently recognized tire maker Mitas a.s., parent company of Mitas Tires North America Inc. The CLAAS Supplier of the Year Award 2011 was awarded for Innovation for Mitas’ CHO tire.

“Mitas’ research focuses on the farmer,” says Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ sales and marketing director. “This award is good news for all our customers with CLAAS acknowledging our continuous search for and introduction of innovations into our tires.”

“Mitas won the award from among 900 serial part suppliers,” says Jens Steinhardt, Mitas’ key account manager. “Bosch Rexroth and Raba were short-listed for the innovation award.”

CLAAS says the CHO tyre carries heavy loads on its combines, achieving low soil compaction.

“And the farmer saves money,” Steinhardt says. “The secret of CHO is in the third dimension as it increases the length of its footprint.”

Mitas developed the CHO tire in cooperation with CLAAS.