Techking develops 2nd generation truck tire

April 28, 2012

Thanks to the feedback from one of its Middle East partners, Techking Tires has upgraded the ETFN, one of its most successful service truck tire patterns.

The new on/off-road  tire, available in size 12.00R24, is the ETFN U. It features the following:

* The bead bead section thickness was increased by 15%.

* The bead wire number was increased by 30%.

The tire's tread compound was produced using a "MEDI Formula" that mixes cut and heat resistance qualities for on/off-road applications.

"The original design ETFN has been working very well with normal load condition," says the Chinese company. "However, with heavier-than-standard load conditions, especially when the tire is used on the rear axle of the trailer, it (was) observed that there are a few beak crack issues -- a typical tire symptom for over loading. With this background, the Techking engineering team developed the ETFN U."

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