PT-Trac: New Petlas Tire Satisfies Farming Needs

Jan. 31, 2019

Petlas Tire Corp. says its new PT-Trac fulfills the needs and emerging demands of the brand's agricultural tire customers.

Engineered using the company's CupWheel technology, the tire features the following:

* Even pressure distribution. The tire decreases soil compaction on long-term yields with an extremely wide footprint designed to gently touch the ground without damaging the roots below the surface.

* Less slippage, more drag force. The new tire "transfers full vehicle power to the ground by decreasing slippage and boosting drag force," says the company. This, in turn, leads to significant improvement in efficiency in terms of performance and fuel consumption.

* Smooth ride. The smooth ride of that PT-Trac serves two purposes: It not only enhances comfort, but also ensures consistency on traction which is crucial for precision of rowing and spraying operations.

* Durability. "The tire demonstrates excellent durability features by uniting the extraordinary sidewall design and the special tread compound engineered for outstanding durability and resistance against wears," says Petlas.

Petlas will unveil the tire at the SIMA exhibition, also known as the Paris International Agribusiness Show, in Paris, France, Feb. 24-28, 2019.

“As a part of our determination to providing our customers with the benefits of the latest technologies, we will keep expanding our already extensive product range,” says As Oguz Ay, international sales and marketing director of Petlas.

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