Camso Brings Steel Over-the-Tire Tracks to Market

April 3, 2019

Camso Inc. is well known for rubber tracks, but its skid steer customers want another option, so the company has introduced steel over-the-tire (OTT) tracks. “Traditionally, Camso has offered rubber products, but we know our customers are looking for more than that," says Andy Gaffney, product line manager of construction tracks at Camso. "They’re in the market for off-the-road solutions. It’s our job to deliver high-performing products, whatever the application calls for."

Camso believes a steel OTT product is the perfect option should an application call for a track solution, but a user is not willing to bridge to a compact track loader (CTL).

“Compact track loaders are becoming increasingly popular and although our Steel OTT track won’t change your rubber tire machine into a tracked machine, it will improve a skid steer’s traction, mobility and performance in extreme muddy applications when users need it,” says Gaffney.

Rubber and steel

With both rubber and steel options available in Camso’s OTT lineup, Gaffney says each type of product meets different user needs. While all OTT attachments are designed to enhance skid steer traction and flotation, usually for short-term applications, rubber and steel tracks add distinctive qualities to the machine’s capabilities.

The steel OTT tracks are the ultimate solution for severe traction needs: on muddy terrain, muskeg or climbing over rock. The steel tread bars also have the cutting-edge operators need when working on heavy ice surfaces or on slopes.

“Our steel OTT tracks have been designed with wide voids between the tread bars, which makes clean out very easy. And, of course, the steel construction is more wear-resistant than any rubber product,” says Gaffney.

“We would normally recommend our Rubber OTT tracks for work on softer surfaces such as snow, sand or turf as they minimize ground disturbance. They truly are the most versatile track, because you can also run them anywhere including hard surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete. And, if you’re working long shifts, they’re going to give operators the best ride comfort available for a wheeled skid steer.”

A universal fit

Camso’s steel OTT tracks allow a wide range of adjustment and tensioning, making them as close as possible to a one size fits all. The company will offer steel OTT tracks in 10-inch and 12-inch widths made to fit most skid steer loaders running conventional R4 tires.

“An owner or operator can install these tracks in less than an hour,” says Gaffney. “You can quickly remove or adjust OTT links to fit the wheelbase, easily tensioning the track for 1-inch to 3-inch of sag. We feel the quick change and ease of installation will be attractive to get the user back to work in no time to maximize productivity."

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