TBC Brands Unveils New Harvest King Field Pro Tractor Tire

April 9, 2019

The Harvest King Field Pro line features the AR series R-1W tractor tire, designed to give farmers traction in the field, along with better conditions on the road. The tire features multi-angle lugs for enhanced self-cleaning in heavy, wet soil conditions while the shallow shoulder angle provides traction. The radial rear farm tire ensures a proper fit on the rim thanks to the reinforced bead construction.

Bill Dashiell, senior vice president of the commercial tire division for TBC Brands LLC says, “The addition of this product to our portfolio reinforces, yet again, our commitment to continued growth of innovative quality products while offering our customers and end users options for enhanced value.” 

The new Field Pro AR R-1W is available in 9 sizes:

380/85R24 420/85R28 480/80R42
380/85R28 420/85R30 480/80R46
380/85R30 460/85R38 380/90R46

Three additional sizes will be available in June 2019:

380/85R34 520/85R38 520/85R42

Harvest King agricultural tires feature a five-year warranty for workmanship and materials that includes a no charge replacement within the first twelve months with 10% or less of the original tread depth used if it becomes unserviceable due to a defect in design, workmanship, or material.  A prorated allowance is available after the no-charge replacement period or the tread use exceeds that allowed based on the date of manufacture and the amount of tire use after it was installed.

For more information, visit www.tbcbrands.com.