Trelleborg Shows Off 3 New Tire Compounds

April 17, 2019

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has unveiled three new tire compounds — two for material handling applications, and a third for the equipment used in the metals processing industry.

All three compounds are designed to provide users with increased productivity, safety, sustainability and value.

  • ProTex is an electrically-conducting, non-marking compound.
  • ProHD is a heavy duty compound for increasing load capacity.
  • Heat Shield is a flame-retardant super premium compound.

ProTex is an electrically-conducting, 100% non-marking compound engineered for use in material handling applications operating in potentially explosive environments. Compliant with EN1755 safety regulations and safer than fixed earthing strips, the ProTex compound allows for material handling equipment to be used safely in applications where this is flammable gas, vapor, or dust. ProTex also is available with the Pit Stop Line feature, Trelleborg's innovation that indicates to operators and fleet managers when it’s time to replace tires.

The heavy-duty compound ProHD is designed to boost operational efficiency by increasing load capacity by as much as 15% for material handling applications. ProHD also increases driver safety as it is engineered to enhance truck stability and prevent overloaded tires from cracking or melting. Restricting heat build-up in the tire, the ProHD improves fuel economy and battery life. It's also available with the Pit Stop Line feature.

The flame-retardant Heat Shield tire compound is designed to withstand the highest temperatures, eliminating the need for tire protection chains in applications in the metal processing industry. Users will realize savings by eliminating downtime associated with the fitting and maintenance of chains. Suitable applications for Heat Shield includes wheel loaders, aluminum tapping vehicles, bath tapping vehicles, cavity cleaners, crust breakers and furnace charging vehicles.

Ydo Doornbos, managing director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in the Americas, says: “Our company continues to lead the industry in innovative tire technologies that help users realize the highest quality, and lowest cost of ownership in the industry.” 

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