Alliance Offers a Versatile Tire for Compact Tractors

June 12, 2019

Alliance Tire Americas Inc. has created a multipurpose tread pattern for compact tractors operating on turf, soft soil and grasses that also need to move on hard road surfaces and even snow. The result is the radial Galaxy Garden Pro offers performance, longevity and rider comfort. Nick Phillippi, product manager of the turf segment at Alliance, says the radial construction and unique tread design of the Galaxy Garden Pro allow the tire to excel in a variety of applications.

“With more than four years and thousands of operating hours behind us now, our experience is that the Garden Pro provides years of service and performance and a comfortable ride, all while protecting soil from damage."

Because of the specific needs of compact tractors operating in vineyards, on small produce farms and a variety of other applications, the Galaxy Garden Pro is designed to distinguish itself in purpose and performance from the typical R-1, R-3 or R-4 tire. The specially engineered block-type directional traction tread and rounded corners offer three benefits:

  • traction when needed in soft soil;
  • long, even wear on hard surfaces; and
  • protection to turf and more delicate surfaces.

The Galaxy Garden Pro is available in 20 sizes, and another 12 sizes are on the way. The tire is original equipment on John Deere’s 2-series compact tractors.  It is covered by Alliance's seven-year agricultural tire warranty.

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