Cooper: A Roadmaster tire for drop-deck trailers

Feb. 17, 2015

There’s a new Roadmaster tire specifically engineered to withstand the demands of drop-deck trailers. The RM272 features a new tread design and compounding that provides improved treadwear and protection against cutting and chipping. With 16/32-inch tread depth, it’s available in size 255/70R22.5 in load range H.

“It’s one tough tire designed for one demanding application,” says Gary Schroeder, director of commercial vehicle and original equipment manufacturer sales for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. “Of all wheel positions, tires on a drop-deck trailer take some of the harshest punishment. Often they don’t get replaced due to mileage, they get replaced due to tread damage, such as scrubbing or tearing. The new RM272 is designed to withstand these conditions and we believe this tire will be a top performer in the industry.”

Featuring a four-belt steel casing, the RM272 has a slightly rounded tread footprint, along with a reinforced shoulder, to help withstand extreme side forces. “Withstanding scrubbing and tearing is what this tire is all about,” says Schroeder. “When the tire was in development, we tested its performance against three types of concrete surfaces to match difficult real-world conditions, including concrete with exposed limestone, and grooved bridge decking. These tests enabled Cooper engineers to validate that the tires’ durability and performance levels exceeded everyday operating conditions.”

The Roadmaster RM272 also was designed to ward off irregular wear and damage due to curbing. Thanks to the tire’s rounded footprint, pressure distribution is optimized along all the ribs, which the company says helps prevent premature wear on the intermediate ribs. What’s more, the tire is tough enough to withstand the impacts that come with riding up and over curbs.

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