Top retreaders triple daily production in 25 years

March 4, 2015

In just a little more than a quarter of a century, truck tire retreaders gained considerable ground in making their operations more efficient.

Comparing Modern Tire Dealer’s first Top 100 retreaders list, from 1988, to the 2014 list shows the top 25 retreaded three times as many truck tires in 2014 as they did in 1988.

Daily production numbers improved as well. Last year the top 25 averaged 183 retreads per shop, nearly triple the 63 the top 25 averaged in 1988.

And that’s just truck tire retreading. There are 97 truck tire retreaders and 25 off-the-road tire retreaders on the 2014 list. Combined the 100 retreaders oversee 295 retread shops, just a slice of the estimated 650+ retread shops in the U.S.

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