ALI: Confirm validity of recent lift inspections

May 6, 2015

The Automotive Lift Institute Inc. (ALI) reports that vehicle lift inspections since April 20, 2015, may not have been performed by an ALI certified lift inspector due to the theft of 200 annual inspection labels.

ALI says 200 of its annual inspection labels were stolen when the vehicle of an ALI certified lift inspector was broken into and vandalized near Buffalo, N.Y., on April 20, 2015.

The labels are individually serialized and are applied to automotive lifts that pass annual lift inspection safety requirements as an indication of compliance with recognized American National Standards.

The serial numbers run between 150013001 – 150013100 and 150016851-6950.

ALI says if vehicle lifts inspected since April 20, 2015 bear an annual inspection label exhibiting one of the stolen serial numbers, the services may not have been performed by an ALI certified lift inspector. The label should be removed and reported to ALI.

ALI says if a questionable inspection label has been applied to a lift or should a lift owner wishes to determine validity of an annual inspection label, furnish ALI with the name of the inspection provider, the manufacturer’s model and serial number of the lift and the serial number shown on the inspection label.

Send the information along with company name and contact information to:

Automotive Lift Institute, Inc. PO Box 85, Cortland, NY 13045.

Information can also be sent by fax to: (607) 756-0888 or by email to: [email protected].