Linglong restructures sales and marketing team

May 28, 2015

Linglong Americas Inc. has restructured its sales and marketing team in North America following the appointment of John Hagan as chief operating officer and president of sales and marketing operations.

Prior to joining Linglong Americas, Hagan was national sales vice president at Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc.

Feng Wang, president of Linglong Tire Co. Ltd. and Linglong Americas Inc., says Hagan and his team are the contacts for all communications related to Linglong products, including the Crosswind and Atlas brands. The team consists of:

* John Hagan, COO and president of sales and marketing operations, [email protected], office 330-239-3940. cell 330-283-1680;

* Kenny Frederick, vice president of replacement sales, [email protected], cell 330-242-3362;

* Gary Hendricks, vice president of commerical sales, [email protected], cell 330-241-9770;

* Jeff Perry, regional sales manager, [email protected], cell 330-242-1344; and

* Greg Karson, marketing and product manager, [email protected], cell 330-461-0094.

Linglong Americas is a subsidiary of Shandong Linglong Tire Co. Ltd., a Chinese tire manufacturer with two Chinese plants and a factory in Thailand (for more information on the Thailand facility, visit "Shandong Linglong Tire update").

The company's U.S. offices are in Medina, Ohio.