Trelleborg has a new line of forestry tires

June 10, 2015

The Trelleborg Wheel Systems division of Trelleborg AB has borrowed innovations from its agricultural tires to improve the performance of its new line of forestry tires. The Twin Forestry tires series is available worldwide

The company says the new range combines the best attributes of the previous range with innovative performance-enhancing technology.

The new design, which includes the company’s ProgressiveTraction and inter-lug terraces technologies, delivers the next generation of self-cleaning, track-compatible tires with superior traction for tough forestry applications.

With a combined tradition in forestry and agriculture, Trelleborg can bring together the best from both worlds, according to Susanna Hilleskog, managing director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems for the Nordic countries.

“Our completely new range draws on all our experience and know-how from forestry and adds award-winning innovations from Trelleborg’s agricultural tires. The result is an enhanced tire range that is ideally suited for the tough demands of forest terrain, providing improvements in traction, resistance properties, stability and accessibility.” says Hilleskog.

The company says ProgressiveTraction was specifically developed to increase tire efficiency and performance based on the action of a double lug. Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progressively releases higher traction when required. The double lug also provides the tire with better floatation capability, producing even pressure distribution over the extra wide footprint and less impact on the forest floor.

Trelleborg's inter-lug terraces have been integrated into the new tread design. By preventing the tread from clogging, inter-lug terraces ensure a self-cleaning tire that can always work at maximum efficiency.

The tires, made from a newly developed enhanced rubber compound, have also been redesigned to improve track compatibility, so that maximum grip and maximum performance is achieved with and without tracks, according to Trelleborg.

The new Twin Forestry tire range consists of the T440 and T480 series, complemented by the existing skidder range, T418. The first size offered is the 710/45-26.5, for both 440 and 480. Trelleborg says it will add more sizes during 2015 and 16 to complete the range.

Trelleborg described the features of each series as follows.

Twin Forestry T440:

* ideal for clay, mud, ice and snow;

* unnmatchable traction and accessibility in its class;

* exclusive Progressive Traction technology for proven better grip and self-cleaning with less impact on forest floor; and

* new lug design with heavier shoulder, lug heads and transverse edges for an effective track.

Twin Forestry T480:

* tracks for exceptional grip;

* transverse grooves and a wide flat tire profile for optimized track usage performance;

* unique tread design with inter-lug terraces for effective self-cleaning and added pulling power; and

* large contact area with low ground pressure for less impact on forest floor.

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