Titan re-elects Soave,Taylor and Reitz

June 10, 2015

Anthony Soave will remain a director of Titan International Inc. for at least three more years. Soave recently was re-elected by shareholders at the company's annual stockholders' meeting.

Soave is CEO and president of Soave Enterprises LLC, which specializes in identifying, investing in, and growing businesses. He has been a member of the Titan Board of Directors since 1994.

Also at the June 4, 2015, meeting:

* Titan's board held a board meeting and re-elected Maurice "Morry" Taylor Jr. as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Paul Reitz as president, John Hrudicka as chief financial officer and Michael Troyanovich as secretary.

* Titan stockholders approved the reincorporation of the company from the state of Illinois to the state of Delaware.

* Titan shareholders approved a non-binding advisory resolution on executive compensation, and approved a stockholder proposal to declassify the company's board of directors.  

"Titan gave tours to those shareholders who wished to see the (Freeport, Ill.) facility and see the new mobile reactor," says Taylor. "This reactor is three-quarters the size of the reactors to be delivered to the oil sands. Though smaller, the results are the same as the full size reactors, which reclaim carbon black, steel and light and heavy oils. The shareholders also got a chance to look at an LSW display of tires and wheels and witness the difference between LSW and the traditional assemblies.

"This past shareholder meeting was the first meeting that veteran board member Mr. Bill Billig was not present. Mr. Billig was president of Masco Industries in 1990 and supported my buyout of Titan. Words cannot express my appreciation for the years of advice Mr. Billig gave me as well as the wisdom and strength he exhibited through Titan's growth and the strike of 1998 through 2001.

"I, along with every board member, wish Bill and his wonderful wife, Betty, a great and healthy retirement," says Taylor. "If I can stay as active as Bill, I can be around for another 15 years. That would be an old Grizz! I think they call that a silver-nosed Grizz and they are even more ferocious."

For more information on Titan and its products, visit www.titan-intl.com.