'Smart Money Tire Drawing' is launched

June 19, 2015

China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) has launched its Double Coin “Smart Money Tire Drawing.”

Eligible Double Coin steer tires include the FR605, RR680, RR300 and the RT600. Participants may enter the quarterly drawing by signing up on Double Coin’s new blog page. The first winner will be chosen at random on Aug. 31, 2015.

“We recently established Double Coin accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,” says Aaron Murphy, vice president of CMA/Double Coin. “As part of our marketing efforts to further enhance Double Coin’s customer service, we have implemented a social media strategy this year. This new initiative includes the ‘Smart Money Tire Drawing,’ which is a perfect way to engage our followers and provide them with an opportunity to win a set of steer tires.”

Double Coin’s current social media pages can be found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DoubleCoinTiresAmericas, LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/double-coin-tires-americas, Twitter: www.twitter.com/doublecointires, and Double Coin’s blog: blog.doublecointires.com/blog.

For more information on Double Coin tires, visit: www.doublecointires.com.