RTA letter to U.S. governors promotes retreading

Feb. 5, 2011

The Retread Tire Association (RTA) is sending an open letter to the governors of all 50 U.S. states encouraging the practice of retreading public sector fleet vehicle tires as a way to save money and protect the environment. RTA says that in the wake of severe state budget crunches, retreaded tires offer a safe and practical way to greatly reduce the amount of money spent on tires for state vehicles annually.

“We have assigned a full-time staff member to oversee the sending of these open letters, which will also be sent to the heads of the transportation and environmental agencies in these states,” says Harvey Brodsky, managing director of RTA. “In addition, key members of each state Senate and House of Representatives, along with the editorial departments of major newspapers in these states, will receive copies. Selected TV stations in each state capital will also receive copies.”

Brodsky says the undertaking, which will take several weeks to complete, will tax RTA’s resources but is well worth the cost in order for the group to be the leader in promoting retreading worldwide.

“Our many years of experience serve us well in these types of endeavors and we intend to take this program to Canada and other countries after we complete the first stage in the U.S.”

RTA has already sent an open letter about the safety, economical and environmental benefits of retreads to President Obama and all members of the 112th Congress.

The open letter being sent to the 50 states will contain a similar message, with an added section offering to conduct retread/tire maintenance workshops for state agencies who wish to learn more about retreading and how to care for all tires, both retread and new.

Additional information may be obtained by sending an e-mail to [email protected].