Order! Order! Buy tires on Double Coin Web site

June 1, 2011

Double Coin Holdings Ltd. and the China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) launched their new e-commerce Web site on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.

It includes CMA's online ordering system, which provides ordering and pricing capabilities for container and warehouse-delivered products marketed and distributed by CMA.

“This automation also allows our customers real-time, electronic access to orders, pricing, availability and product specifications,” says Aaron Murphy, vice president of CMA.

“The new e-commerce Web site is a reflection of our continuing efforts to utilize technology to provide our customers with the most advanced resources that are available. We also see further customer-centric adaptations of the site as more requirements are expected by the market.”

Developed by R.B. Zack & Associates Inc., the e-commerce Web site utilizes a new advanced and secure program that interfaces with CMA’s internal operating systems.

“We worked with CMA to develop our own algorithm that enables efficient ordering capabilities while providing an interface for simple navigation through the site,” says CEO and President Boyd Zack. "CMA customers are now able to find and order products by brand, model, application, product code and other criteria."

The Web site was created using a customized Microsoft .NET technology platform and a SQL Server database. It is accessible at www.cmaintl.com.

To obtain a user ID and password, contact a CMA regional sales manager, or e-mail CMA at [email protected], or call (888) 226-5250.