Marangoni reorganizes German operations

Sept. 5, 2011

Marangoni SpA has consolidated its presence in Germany. As part of the move, the former Ellerbrock GmbH.has been renamed Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland GmbH.

“This new business name is a crucial step in the integration process between the German company and our group," says Massimo De Alessandri, CEO of Marangoni SpA. "By doing this, we aim to both consolidate our presence in German-speaking and Scandinavian countries and focus more decisively on important new eastern European markets."

Ellerbrock Reifenrunderneuerungs-Technologie GmhH was acquired by the Marangoni Group in the early 1990s. It specializes in the development of tire retreading materials.

“The new name given to the German company and the adoption of our brand confirms the increasingly important bond that our group has formed with Germany over time, above all in a period when this country clearly represents the main European market and the driving force of the continent’s economic recovery," says De Alessandri, "a bond that in recent months has been further strengthened through the acquisition of Bremen-based Wenzel Industrie GmbH, a company dealing with industrial tires.

"Putting our name on the products manufactured in Hamburg and sold in most of continental Europe will, on one hand, complete our brand’s globalization process in the retreading sector and, on the other, combine its traditional values of specialization and innovation with the qualities of 'Made in Germany' products that have sustained the development of German companies in the world markets.”

The Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland facilities in Henstead-Urzburg cover an area of 28,520 square feet, with an additional 14,530 square feet occupied by the logistics center. The plant manufactures Profil Liner precured tread strips and RingTread precured rings for truck tire retreading.

Two years ago, Marangoni placed a greater emphasis on its retreading operations as part of its medium-term strategic plan to strengthen the Group “through the reorganization of the company structure” (see "Marangoni Group streamlines organization").