Meet the MS951R Agrixtra R1W: A Rear Farm Tire From Maxam

June 6, 2018

Maxam Tire North America Inc. has introduced the MS951R Agrixtra R1W, a rear radial farm tire designed for high-horsepower tractors and harvester equipment applications. “The MS951R Agrixtra represents just one of several new Maxam programs coming to the U.S. market in 2018,” says Troy Kline, president of Maxam Tire North America Inc.

The Maxam MS951R Agrixtra provides traction in a variety of wet and dry conditions with an advanced tread design and wide footprint to lower soil compaction and minimize soil disturbance. 

The intelligent self-cleaning tire tread pattern ensures maximum performance in the field, while the premium 45-degree lug profile increases overall ride comfort, reducing vibration on hard surfaces and roads. The tire features a premium compound technology with a reinforced lug design construction for quality and protection from ozone cracking.

The Maxam MS951R Agrixtra is available in 18 popular sizes with multiple aspect ratios. Here's a rundown of the size offerings:

320/85R24 460/85R30
340/85R24 420/85R34

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