Yokohama Expands Size Offerings for 902L Wide-Base Tire

July 3, 2018

The 902L ultra wide base (UWB) tire from Yokohama Tire Corp. is available in a new size: 455/55R22.5. “The SmartWay-verified 902L UWB delivers superior traction, as well as high-mileage,” says Tom Clauer, manager of commercial and off-the-road product planning for Yokohama. “Its unique tread design makes a real difference in extreme driving conditions.”

The long haul, regional drive tire also comes in size 445/50R22.5.

Yokohama says the tire offers these benefits:

Long, even wear. The deep 27/32 tread depth creates higher traction while providing extra-long treadlife. The optimal eight-rib block and sipe tread design contribute to enhanced lateral stability.

Enhanced fuel efficiency and traction. The advanced rubber compound lowers rolling resistance and reduces heat build-up. Also, the specially engineered small block and sipe combo reduce heel-toe wear to increase fuel economy and provide increased snow traction.

Significant increased retreadability. Yokohama’s advanced casing design is created specifically to reduce strain and prevent casing growth, allowing retread after retread.

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