VSG Expands Tire Changer Lineup to Include 3 Heavy-Duty Models

Nov. 29, 2017

Vehicle Service Group (VSG) has added a line of Rotary heavy-duty tire changers to help technicians change any tire in a bay or on the road.

The line includes three heavy-duty models: 

The R501N Speed Changer HD is able to demount and mount a truck tire in 30 seconds. It is equipped with four rollers positioned on both sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions. Its compact design is ideal for truck tires, bus tires and super singles. Maximum tire width is 21 inches and maximum diameter is 52 inches.

See the R501N Speed Changer HD at work in this video:

The R560 Mobile HD is designed for both roadside and workshop service. The R560 Mobile HD tire changer is suitable for closed vans or small workshops. The standard roller can be used for tube tires, and the hydraulic clamping and table top are suitable for agricultural tires. Maximum tire width is 37.4 inches and maximum diameter is 51 inches.

The R511 Commercial HD can service the widest range of wheels, including truck, bus, super single, lock ring and agricultural. The controls, which have lever-type hydraulic distributors, enable the user to regulate the speed of the tool holding the carriage. Maximum tire width is 36.4 inches and maximum diameter is 64 inches.

“Whether you’re changing tires in the shop or on the road, on a bus, truck or tractor, Rotary has a heavy-duty tire changer that will help you get the job done quickly on nearly any size wheel,” says Rob Dabrowski, vice president of wheel service equipment for Rotary's parent company, VSG.

For more information, download the Rotary Buyers Guide on tire changers. For more information about the full line of Rotary equipment, including tire changers, wheel balancers and alignment equipment, visit www.rotarywheelservice.com.