Vipal Brings VT560 Tread to North America

June 16, 2020

Vipal Rubber has introduced a new tread, the VT560, to the North American market. The VT560 “was developed to obtain high adhesion," according to Vipal officials.

The product features Vipal’s proprietary Eye Control Technology, which helps end users identify its wear level. Through this system, it is possible to identify anomalies in alignment, balance and geometry and the suggested time of use, as well as when to remove the tire for a new retreading process.

“This tread is distinguished by its versatility. Its rubber compound was developed to ensure excellent abrasion-wear resistance, making it an ideal tread for highly severe applications, such as snow and mud, as it offers great traction power and prevents damage to the tire, prolonging its service life.”

Other features include grooves with variable carvings that avoid the retention of rocks and objects, allowing the tread to self-clean, plus interconnected blocks that provide greater resistance and support.

“This product that Vipal offers to the North American market meets the needs of fleet owners and managers, who are looking for a product with these qualities both in terms of functionality and, mainly, durability and performance,” explains Gabriel Fuma, commercial manager of Vipal NAFTA. “The VT560 completes Vipal's portfolio with an innovative option aimed at the waste industry and other very aggressive applications, and it is due to this, its great performance, that the tread has been introduced to the American market”.