Marangoni milestone: 4 million retreads

Dec. 23, 2014

Marangoni Tread North America Inc. (MTNA) has manufactured its 4 millionth tread at its Madison, Tenn., facility.

MTNA began tread production at the Madison plant in 2004 and reached the 1 million tread mark in 2008. Since then, both capacity and production have increased dramatically.

The 4 millionth tread that rolled off the line was the Ringtread XP RDG200 drive tread.

The company says it is just one of the new Ringtread XP line of performance products for extreme conditions. The XP line includes, RDA-E (Fuel Saving), RDG100 (Traction), RDG200 (Mileage), RDAone (Wide Base) and RDY-HM+ (Severe Service).

Marangoni CEO and President Bill Sweatman says the company is “proud and thankful” to achieve the milestone. “Our unit sales have increased more than 15% this year and along with other improvements, we have gained in both market share and market strength.”

Chanthavy Vongsamphanh, manufacturing manager for MTNA, says, “Our commitment to lean manufacturing and a team culture will ensure high quality, employee involvement, safe and environmentally responsible work environment so that we can continue to meet the on-time delivery requirements of our growing customer base.”