Cream of the crop in the U.S.

Oct. 19, 2011

After 12 years of annually listing the top independent commercial truck tire dealers in the United States, we decided to tweak this year’s chart.

In the past, we ranked the dealers based on our own point system. This year, we used the same formula to determine the top 25 dealers; then we ranked them based on estimated commercial sales. In this way, we give the more aggressive dealers extra credit for their efforts, and add a “real world” dimension to the list.

Here’s an example: Based on points, Parkhouse Tire Inc. in Bell Gardens, Calif., is the 21st largest commercial dealer in the U.S. However, based on commercial sales, Parkhouse is 11th. Two of its 14 outlets gross $30 million each a year. “Mom and pop stores aren’t too predominant out here,” says CEO Jim Parkhouse.

To make the list, a commercial tire dealer has to: 1) sell truck tires, 2) have at least one retreading plant, and 3) offer 24/7 road  service.

The point totals are tabulated based on number of outlets. Each commercial-only outlet received two points and each retread plant received one point.

We worked combination commercial/retail stores into the equation by multiplying each dealership’s number of combination stores by the estimated percentage of commercial sales at those locations. For an apples-to-apples comparison, that number was then multiplied by two.

The highest 25 point totals made the list. We have included the totals so you can see how the point totals differ from the rankings based on commercial sales.

Here are a few highlights from the results. Thirteen of the 16 members of the American Commercial Tire Network made the list. They are Belle Tire Inc., Bob Sumerel Tire Co., Boulevard Tire Center, Commercial Tire Inc., Cross-Midwest Tire (without Cross Dillon Tire’s numbers), Parkhouse Tire, Pete’s Tire Barns Inc., Pomp’s Tire Service, Raben Tire Co. Inc., Snider Tire Inc., Sullivan Tire Co. Inc., Tire-Rama Inc. and Valley Tire Co. Inc.

The Top 25 averaged 6.5 brands per dealer. The most common brand was Michelin, which was sold by 18 of the dealers, or 72% of the total. Bridgestone and Continental were each sold by 16 dealers, while Yokohama and Firestone were each sold by 15 dealers.

Goodyear (14), General (13) and Kelly (10) also were sold by at least 40% of the Top 25.

All commercial sales were estimated by Modern Tire Dealer. (To see the list, click here.)

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Bob Ulrich

Bob Ulrich was named Modern Tire Dealer editor in August 2000 and retired in January 2020. He joined the magazine in 1985 as assistant editor, and had been responsible for gathering statistical information for MTD's "Facts Issue" since 1993. He won numerous awards for editorial and feature writing, including five gold medals from the International Automotive Media Association. Bob earned a B.A. in English literature from Ohio Northern University and has a law degree from the University of Akron.