Trelleborg TM1060 Named Top Farm Tire of the Year

Aug. 3, 2016

The TM1060 from Trelleborg AB was named the agricultural tire of the year in Spain. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the agricultural industry in terms of innovation, performance and respect for the environment.

The TM1060 range upgrades Trelleborg's offering of high performance solutions for new generations of tractors, ranging from 80 to more than 300 HP. The company says the new TM1060 tread design merges the best qualities of its agricultural radial products. The wing effect maximizes the tread width, ensuring an extra wide footprint, the ProgressiveTraction technology boosts traction capability. The increased sidewall flexibility leads to very low soil compaction without impacting the tire strength.

The TM1060 features a higher load capacity compared to the same sizes in standard technology. The Trelleborg /60 series allows the same load at lower pressure or a higher load at the same pressure for medium and high power tractors.

Capable of working at extremely low pressure, with the typical aspect ratio of a 60 series, the TM1060 generates an extra wide footprint area improving farm productivity and crop yield while respecting the soil.

On the road, the new sidewall is designed to lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing stress tolerance, comfort and security for the operator. The inter-lug terracing at the base of the lug helps with mud ejection, maximizing the self-cleaning capability of the tire.

Ramón Martinez, Trelleborg Wheel Systems manager for Spain and Portugal says, “At Trelleborg, we hold a long-standing commitment to helping farming professionals produce more with less. To be recognized so enthusiastically in this category is testament to the TM1060 tire’s ability to not only help farming professionals achieve higher efficiency and greater productivity, but do so with the maximum respect for the environment.”

Juan Alberto de Sosa, director of Neumáticos y Mecánica Rápida, says: “Born in 2000, the award “Tire of the Year” in Spain turns 16 with a heritage that sums up the history of the tire and it became a reference in the tire industry of our country. This award to Trelleborg has special value for us because this year we introduced the category “Agro industrial tires” for the first time.”

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