Michelin unveils XZA3 Antisplash truck tire

Dec. 9, 2008

Michelin North America Inc. (MNA) has introduced a new medium truck tire with its patented Antisplash sidewall technology, the Michelin XZA3 Antisplash.

The XZA3 Antisplash features deflectors on both of its sidewalls to lower the trajectory of water spraying from it. (Its predecessor, the XZA2 Antisplash, which was introduced in November 2006, had deflectors on only one of its sides.)

The tire contains other features, including MNA's Advanced Technology Compounding with 19/32nds tread depth for lower rolling resistance, according to MNA officials.

It also has an 80% wider shoulder rib than the XZA2, directional miniature sipes and other features. The XZA3 Antisplash is available in size 275/80R22.5.