Rotary Unveils Lift Operated by Remote Control and Column Control

Jan. 3, 2019

Rotary Lift has introduced a wireless mobile column lift that can be operated by an exclusive remote control or via controls located on every column.

The company says the new Rotary Flex Max gives technicians the option to work in the most personally comfortable, productive and efficient way possible.

Rotary Flex Max is the premium offering in the Flex family. It is available in configurations of two, four, six or eight columns. It also offers lifting capacities of 14,000 or 18,800 pounds per column. It can be used to lift most cars, trucks, buses, RVs and other vehicles.

The Flex remote control system reduces setup time by guiding the technician through the process and eliminating the need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next.

Rotary Lift is a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand.