Long Haul Steer Tire Joins Cooper Pro Series

March 18, 2019

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has added a long haul steer (LHS) tire to its Cooper Pro Series.

The steer tire joins the Cooper Pro Series long haul drive (LHD) tire which was introduced in 2018. The new steer tire will be available in size 295/75R22.5, and more sizes will be added in June.

The Pro Series LHS was designed with a focus on the low cost of ownership. The tire is fuel efficient, and design elements help ensure uniform wear and retreadability, and thus long miles of use before removal. 

The tire features Cooper’s ECO (Energy Conservation Optimization) technology, which combines tire design, compounding and construction to provide an ultra-low rolling resistance tire. Cooper says the Pro Series LHS:

  • exceeds SmartWay standard requirements by 15%; and
  • meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requirements, which go into effect in 2021. 

“This steer tire is the new flagship product for Cooper commercial tires,” says Gary Schroeder, executive director of Cooper’s global truck and bus operations. “We know the importance of this tire position, and it’s why we designed the tire to perform at a very high level — meeting the demanding needs of long haul fleets. We purposefully created this tire to give fleets what they are asking for — a low cost of ownership solution to reduce tire program costs and improve a fleet’s bottom line. We’re offering the tire at a price point that makes it a ‘best buy.’ Excellent performance, matched with very competitive pricing, is what fleets are looking for in tires, and we’re delivering with the Cooper PRO Series.”

Cooper says the Pro Series LHS provides 18/32nds of tread depth and features a wider footprint than most steer tires on the market – a full inch in many cases.

“This provides better traction while promoting longer, more even wear,” says Schroeder. “And, it doesn’t sacrifice fuel economy in the process. When paired with our Pro Series LHD drive tire, that is also SmartWay verified, fleets can maximize fuel economy.”

To enhance even wear, the tire has a decoupling groove to minimize shoulder wear. A unique feature on Cooper’s new steer tire is a patent-pending stone ejector design with a stepped groove wall in the tread pattern. This feature helps prevent stone drilling to ensure the integrity of the casing for multiple retreads.

Helping improve tire maintenance is Cooper’s Wear Square on the tire’s shoulder ribs. This is a visual indicator, which shows the tread depth through five different evolving image icons. A “square” shows full tread depth, while an “L” shape shows half the tread is left. An icon also shows when the tire should be pulled for retreading. Since the Wear Square is placed on both sides of the tire, it’s also an alignment indicator. If the icons don’t match, the tire technician knows there is an alignment problem or uneven tire issue and can take corrective measures.

The tire carries a seven-year, two-retread warranty, and also is warranted for full replacement value for the first 50% of treadwear

“Our warranty showcases the confidence we have in this tire,” says Schroeder. “It’s ready to perform.”

For more information, visit www.coopertire.com.