Michelin Has a New Tractor Tire for Heavy Road Use

May 9, 2019

The new RoadBib tractor tire from Michelin North America Inc. is available in two sizes: 600/70R30 size for the front axle and a 710/70R42 for the rear axle.

Michelin says the RoadBib tractor tire is an exceptional fit for uses such as manure and silage hauling; spraying and spreading tasks; and public works projects where the tractor travels more miles on the road than in the field.

“This new tractor tire answers the call for long life, fuel savings, operator comfort and exceptional road handling,” says David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager for Michelin North America. “Michelin answers all of these road-use performance challenges in one tire solution.”

Michelin says the directional tire is designed to reduced fuel consumption through low rolling resistance, with fuel savings up to 5% based on the company's rolling resistance measurements in June 2018 on a 125 hp Massey Ferguson 6470 tractor pulling a 19-ton trailer on a 710/70R42 size in same conditions of use.

The tire is also designed to achieve:

  • exceptional wear, with 25% improvement in tire life compared to the Michelin's MachXBib tire;
  • improved road handling with 20% more rubber contacting the ground compared to the Michelin's MachXBib and an optimized tread pattern for long tire life; and
  • great ride comfort through sculpture configuration that limits cabin vibration and sound impact.

Michelin says the RoadBib has a revolutionary new tread design. Instead of a traditional lugged tire, it features 52 blocks with a wide footprint and a shallow tread. The tire has a plain, central rib that protects against soil crushing, reduces plant damage and provides comfort on the road. The tire also offers a wear indicator and accepts studs for specific applications.

The RoadBib will be offered in a 600/70R30 size for the front axle and a 710/70R42 for the rear axle.

For more information, visit www.MichelinAg.com or contact a Michelin Agriculture tire dealer.